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Melbourne's Tree Specialists

Why Choose our Professional Arborists for Tree Trimming and Cutting?

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To provide safe and affordable arboricultural work without compromising on quality.
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In Melbourne, where trees form a vital part of our urban landscape, Maggs Tree Services stands out for its exceptional arborist expertise. We specialize in affordable and top-quality tree services, catering to Melbourne and the surrounding areas.

Experienced Arborists for Every Tree-Related Need

Whether you're facing the aftermath of a storm or need routine tree trimming, our experienced arborists are equipped to handle any tree-related challenge. At Maggs, we understand the importance of trees in our community and offer a comprehensive range of services, from emergency tree cutting due to storm or bushfire damage to regular maintenance and trimming.

Skilled High-Altitude Work & Property Management

Our team excels in working at challenging heights, utilizing both elevated work platforms and advanced rope and safety harnessing techniques. Safety is paramount, and all our staff members are extensively trained in aerial rescue and safety procedures. Beyond tree services, we also provide property management solutions in Melbourne, ensuring the upkeep of grounds for private companies and estate managers.

Collaboration with Melbourne's Community Organizations

We proudly collaborate with various community organizations in Melbourne, such as schools, golf clubs, and other groups, to manage vegetation. Our services are particularly vital when tree growth conflicts with organizational activities, ensuring safety and aesthetic appeal.

Comprehensive Risk Assessment for Every Project

When assessing the risk posed by trees, we consider factors like structural stability, aesthetics, and vegetation growth patterns. Our approach ensures a balance between safety and preserving Melbourne's natural beauty.

OH&S and Insurance

All our staff have undergone safety training that adheres to industry standards and regulations, ensuring top-notch services.

For your peace of mind, Maggs Tree Services is fully insured. We hold a $20,000,000 public liability policy. This policy protects you in the unlikely event of property damage or third-party injuries during our operations. Any damages incurred will not be your financial responsibility.

It's important to note that all professional tree service providers should possess such insurance and make it readily available for client review


Skilled Arborists

Our Lead Arborist and Owner, Simon Magro, has earned his Certificate III in Horticulture, specializing in Arboriculture, with a focus on climbing arborism.

Contract Climbing

Our team excels in high-altitude operations, utilizing both elevated work platforms and ropes with safety harnesses in necessary conditions. Every staff member is trained in aerial rescue and safety techniques.

Property Management

Maggs Tree Services also manage property, including grounds maintenance and property management on behalf of private companies and estate managers.

Risk Assessment

When evaluating the risks associated with trees, we consider the structural stability of the site, its aesthetic aspects, and the patterns of vegetation growth. Our team has undergone safety training that complies with industry standards and regulations.